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Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing Services

Make certain that your application will not go down even if your traffic spikes to 300,000 visitors per hour. We are a performance testing company that can validate your software’s speed, stability, and scalability under varying loads.

Why use Elatebrain for performance testing:

Have you ever had the experience of having too many people trying to access your app at the same time? If not, you’ll get there soon enough. Many users are excellent. The downside is that downtime can cost up to $5,600 per minute. We can assist you in running software performance testing to eliminate any issues and release a highly responsive, scalable app.

1. Increase revenue

More revenue is generated by scalable products. Our firm offers performance testing as a service to ensure that your system can handle an increasing number of users.

2. Provide an excellent user experience

Customers leave when pages take too long to load. Our performance testing company will run page speed tests and assist you in keeping the load time to a few seconds or less.

3. Achieve your sales targets

Do you know how many users your system can support and how much you can afford to pay if something goes wrong? We’ll always make it work.

4. Remove bottlenecks in performance

If the software is unable to handle the workload you expected, we will identify and address the cause of the slowdown.

We Provide Load and Performance Testing Services

How does your system perform when expected user loads are applied? What are its constraints? Do you have a plan in place for capacity? We will answer all of these questions during application performance testing so that you can protect your business from product failures. Don’t be concerned if you’ve never worked with a performance testing company before; we’ll provide full guidance and support.

Testing for load

Do you have any ideas about how many people will visit your app once it’s live? Will it be able to withstand the maximum load? As a performance testing company, we’ll simulate multiple users accessing your software at the same time to identify performance bottlenecks and find solutions before it’s too late.

Stress tests

Check that your software can withstand stress, which occurs when a large number of users log in at the same time. Stress testing allows you to determine your system’s breaking point, monitor its performance during failures, and ensure that it can recover after a fault.

Volume testing (flooding)

If you know your system can handle massive amounts of data, volume testing will help you ensure that none of it is lost or becomes unresponsive. To perform volume testing, we will grow your database until it reaches a certain size. Then we’ll see how the system functions.

Testing for stability (reliability)

When your product goes live, it must be stable over time and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stability testing allows you to examine your app’s behaviour under changing load conditions. Our team will keep an eye out for slower performance, crashes, and unusual behaviour. You’ll be able to create a maintenance plan this way.

From the business layer to the user interface, we provide Agile software performance testing services at all levels to ensure that your product performs flawlessly.

API performance evaluation

We send network requests in bulk to see how your system reacts when multiple users attempt to connect to a server. We offer performance testing as a service, which includes writing test scripts to run API load testing scenarios.

Performance evaluation of web applications

Web performance tests allow you to see how a website would perform in real-world scenarios. It also allows you to see if it can handle peak load hours in different regions.

Mobile app performance evaluation

This type of testing allows you to evaluate how your app performs on various types of devices, define its server response time, and see how the app performs on networks with varying loading speeds.

Our Technology Store & Specialization

  • Peak Load Testing
  • Spike and Endurance Tests
  • High Availability Testing
  • Performance Resilience and Disaster Recovery
  • Regression Tests
  • Scalability Testing Services

Peak Load Testing

Our best-in-class load testing tools ensure sustained performance of your website and applications even in times of the heaviest load volume.

Spike and Endurance Tests

Our effective testing techniques determine the highest load capacity of your system or app and the limit of its endurance until it crashes.

High Availability Testing

Our test strategies ensure proper functioning of back-up servers when the existing servers crash so work will never stop cause of system.

Performance Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Through essential resilience testing we analyze your product behavior under stress and provide solutions to revive performance.

Regression Tests

We perform in-depth regression testing to ensure there are no impacts of recent upgrades to the performance of your products which procedure includes in regression tests.

Scalability Testing Services

Measures software capability under increased processing power & architectural changes.Ensures the software is scalable and has hassle free functioning.

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Fixed Price Model

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