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Campaign Management

Campaign Management Services

A marketing campaign is an organised effort to promote a product or service, with the goal of raising awareness or generating sales. This information is broadcasted via various means. Multiple campaigns can be implemented at once as part of a larger marketing plan or strategy. One campaign could focus on raising profile, while another would encourage renewals.

The management of a marketing campaign is a multi-faceted endeavour that entails many steps, such as preparation, launch, monitoring, and evaluation.

It’s important to use a campaign management software suite to keep track of all the moving parts of your campaign, whether they’re being handled by a single person or a large team (s). Launching and managing a campaign can be sped up and costs reduced by using automation to handle much of the preparation and implementation.

Software for managing campaigns is also useful for standardising and automating related workflows. Campaign planning and execution (including content/digital asset creation, messaging development, implementation, and analytics) are broken down into smaller tasks, assigned to the appropriate team, and monitored throughout the campaign’s run to facilitate collaboration and prevent mistakes and delays.

The software aids in testing, monitoring, and measuring the success rate across all channels of marketing, providing insights into the factors that are driving performance and marketing return on investment.

As was previously mentioned, it is important to track the success of a marketing campaign as it unfolds. And if the outcomes don’t match your expectations, you need to be quick on your feet to adjust. Proper campaign management is essential to ensuring that all activities continue according to plan over time.

Adequate time management is another crucial aspect of running successful campaigns. When it comes to the length and scope of a campaign, there is no “one size fits all” formula. In order to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign, you may decide to focus on a certain area, such as a city or zip code. There are campaigns you might oversee around special occasions. It’s also possible that your campaign will run for quite some time.

There was more to these campaigns than just a Coke and a smile, although those certainly helped. Management of the marketing campaign is what gives it form and function. It gets you out of the habit of making spontaneous advertising and toward tailoring your messages to achieve targeted goals for your company.

Coordinated efforts between sales and marketing are made possible through customer relationship management and the use of targeted marketing campaigns.
An organization’s revenue stream slows or declines when there is a disconnect between sales and marketing.

Let’s say your seller’s CRM is linked to all of your campaign data. If that’s the case, salespeople won’t just be able to monitor and keep track of their own interactions with prospects, but all interactions customers have ever had with your brand. The CRM’s campaign data will reveal which recipients opened emails/chats/clicked CTAs (CTA). This gives business owners a fresh perspective on their clients’ habits and likes. In addition, marketers can now see which campaigns resulted in more conversions and tailor future ones based on this information. Our service, ElateBrain, is what makes us unique. Put your faith in our team to handle all aspects of your email marketing strategy, management, and reporting. ElateBrain has over 15 years of experience in email marketing management, so our devoted teams in 4 regional offices around the world are always ready to help you optimise your campaigns for maximum conversion.

We work with you to make sure that every aspect of managing your email marketing campaign—from initial concept and planning to final analysis and reporting—is straightforward, easy, and yields the marketing results and return on investment you’re looking for.

Email signatures, banners, and newsletters can be highly effective promotional tools if handled properly.

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  • Analysing insights
  • Planning and executing strategies
  • Tracking its progress
  • Optimizing and improving
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Display Advertisement

Search Advertisement

For any business that wishes to reach a targeted audience who is more likely to buy their product or services, then strategic and targeted Search Ads.

Display Advertisement

Target new consumers and stay on your audience’s radar using visually-appealing display ads we can use for advertisement.

Product Listing Ads

PLAs are a powerful way of selling your product through search engines. These ads let you convert your products from google merchant.

Remarketing & Retargeting

With our remarketing PPC campaigns, promote your brand offerings to the right users, at the right time to re-engage lost customers.

Optimizing and improving

We have a team of social media executives, digital and paid marketing experts who put the wheels on your digital business.

Planning and executing strategies

We create effective steps to carry out a marketing campaign so that your brand can attract the right customers.

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