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API Testing Services

API Testing Services

Our API testing services can help you improve the functionality of your app.
API testing is a type of software product testing that involves directly testing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as part of the integration testing. API testing is performed to ensure that the API meets the application’s expectations in terms of reliability, functionality, security, and performance.

ElateBrain provides a wide range of high-quality API Testing services to ensure a highly robust software application for your company. With our industry-standard API testing, our well-trained and highly experienced professional testers ensure that your application meets the needs and requirements of your target audience.

API Testing Advantages

1. Verifies the core functionalities
Prior to running GUI tests, testing the core functionalities of a software application provides an early assessment of the overall strength.

2. Independent of language
During API testing, data is transferred using either JSON or XML. These data transfer modes are completely independent of language, allowing testers to pursue Automated API Testing Services for their applications in any language.

3. Time-efficient API testing takes far less time than any other software testing process.
Automated API tests require less code, resulting in faster and more thorough testing. Faster testing results in lower testing costs.

4. Easily integrates with GUI
API testing allows for highly integrable testing. This is especially useful if you intend to perform GUI testing after API testing.

Our API Testing Procedure
Our fundamental approach to API testing is to create a dynamic and robust test plan. At first, we organise all of the test cases by test category. Following that, we conduct testing for the most likely and typical outcomes. We prioritise API function calls to make the entire testing process easier and faster. We ensure failure testing to provide you with seamless applications that provide consistent performance. Aside from that, we use Automated API Testing Services to automate the tests wherever possible.

API Testing Services We Offer
ElateBrain provides a wide range of API testing services, including:

1. API Testing Automation

To test software applications, we use Automated API testing services. This reduces effort while also allowing us to save time and deliver results more quickly. Dynamic testing, functional testing, performance testing, load testing, error testing, and regression testing are all performed using automated API testing.

2. Testing for Functionality

We provide API functionality testing to ensure that the API works properly and meets all requirements and objectives.

3. Testing for Reliability

Reliability testing is done to see if the API can produce highly consistent results without interruptions or complications.

4. Stress Testing

We perform load testing to ensure that performance and functionality are not compromised under load. This ensures that your software application can handle a large number of calls.

5. Security Examination

Security testing is performed to ensure that the API meets security requirements such as permission, authentication, and access controls.

Negative Evaluation
This type of API testing is done to check for any type of incorrect input that users may enter.

Why Should You Use Us For API Testing?
Our in-house testers are well-trained and experienced, and they are up to date on the latest API testing trends.

We use the best testing tools and cutting-edge technology to provide you with a highly effective API testing service.

You can save time and ensure the success of your project by using our well-structured API testing approach.

You can get the best return on your investment.

API Testing Services Can Be Outsourced:

In today’s highly competitive world, there are numerous advantages to outsourcing your testing projects. Outsourcing your API Testing Services allows you to collaborate with industry experts who will use the best tools to perform high-quality testing and provide you with high-yielding products. This, in turn, can boost your company’s productivity and give you a competitive advantage.

At Elatebrain, we provide a wide range of professional API Testing Services that are intended to assist you in releasing market-ready software applications. Do you need to hire a dependable API testing company? Hire us right away!

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Deep knowledge of your UI

Functionize uses these digital fingerprints to create a complex composite model of your UI. This allows it to understand what each element actually does.

Self-healing tests

Test maintenance is a real time-sink for QA engineers. Functionize learns from every execution and dynamically heals tests. This is because it knows how your UI is really working.

Root Cause Analysis

One of the most advanced features of our Engine is its ability to track back to the actual cause of a test failure. This is especially critical in complex for systems.

Finding solutions

Identifying a failure is only half of the problem. Functionize also uses its knowledge of your previous test runs and test procedures to resolve errors. It presents suggestions to fix common failures so you can resolve issues in 1-click.

Performance Monitoring

Our bespoke performance metrics provide a better understanding of your UI performance. Our visual completion metric measures when a user can first interact with your site, and you can explore the detailed load times for every page.


The Functionize CLI gives developers the unique opportunity to run automated tests against their local builds. This custom feature dramatically improves product quality and delivery velocity for better Performance and good quality of services.

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