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Job for HR Recruiter

Job Description

We are looking for an HR Recruiter to manage our recruitment cycle, from identifying potential hires to interviewing and evaluating candidates.

HR Recruiter responsibilities include sourcing candidates online, updating job ads and conducting background checks. If you have experience with various job interview formats, phone screenings and can help us recruit faster and more effectively, we’d like to meet you.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Designing and updating job descriptions.
  • Sourcing potential candidates from various online channels.
  • Crafting recruiting emails to attract passive candidates.
  • Screening resumes and application forms.
  • Performing in-person and phone interviews with candidates.
  • Prepare and distribute assignments and numerical, language and logical reasoning tests.
  • Following up on the interview process status.
  • Communicating employer information and benefits during screening process.
  • Advertise job openings on company’s careers page, social media, job boards and internally.
  • Send job offer emails and answer queries about compensation and benefits.
  • Attends and participates in college job fairs and recruiting sessions.
  • Collaborate with managers to identify future hiring needs.
  • Conducting exit interviews on terminating employees.

Extra Info

  • Salary: No bar for right candidate
  • Location: Ahmadabad, Gujarat
  • Qualification: MBA (HR), BBA (HR), or Graduate from Computer/IT or PG in HR
  • Working Days: Monday to Friday
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