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    Job Application

    Elatebrain is growing and we are constantly looking for new talented people that share our working culture. You don’t just get paid for the skills you have but you are provided with an opportunity to take your skills to the next level by learning new techniques in the challenging and flexible working environment.

    Recruitment Process

    1. Application:

    Submit your detailed resume with educational qualifications and previous job information (if you’re an experienced, candidate).

    2. Interview Schedule:

    If your profile match with job requirement then you will get a call for an interview.

    3.Written Test:

    It will be a paper test to determine your overall performance like problem-solving skills, English skill, reasoning skills, decision taking, Technical skills etc.

    4.Personal Interview:

    This step is an integral part of the whole interview process. You have to show your skills. On basis of your performance we offer you.

    5.HR Interview:

    Here we try to understand you. You can ask any query related to the job position and our terms and condition.