Magento 2.2 allows customers to browse around and make purchases on your webstore while indexes are running in the background, without creating any slowdowns.

At the same time, long-running indexes are now run in batches rather than all at once. This minimizes the required processing power for the indexer, and allows better performance speed and memory management throughout your website.

Along with the added features for Ecommerce stores to improve business operations, Magento 2.2 also brings functionality updates to enhance its general performance.

These improvements to performance speed are all massively helpful when you consider that online shoppers have come to expect lighting fast load times, and many will leave your website if takes even just a few seconds too long for your store content to appear.

The Magento 2.2 B2B consists of features like:

  • Multi-level structured company account with hierarchy of users and workflows
  • Quotation system, when business users can send RFQ and merchants can manage them within Magento
  • Improved ordering process – quick orders (including via uploading CSV file with SKUs), reorders and purchase lists
  • Account credits payment and management
  • Customized catalogues with individual products and tier prices that can be assigned to one of group of customers
  • API with fast tier prices update processing

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